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Building the blockchain decentralized crowd cloud
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the CLOUD token solution

  • Utilizing unused storage and computing power on personal computers and devices
  • People downloading GridNode servers become service providers/contributors and a part of the global crowd cloud enjoying constant income from cloud services
  • Each GridNode server works as a gateway integrating multiple decentralized cloud services (such as storj, golem,, and others)
  • The cloud token roadmap uniquely enables automatic distributed payment to all contributors

building the decentralized cloud Founders - Gilad Somjen & Asaf Zamir Asaf

"... Cloud token was designed for immediate use. You can pay with it today for goods and services online and get 50% cost reduction on essential cloud services. It is one of the most useful crypto-currencies out there with real benefits and liquidity on day one ..."

Phase 1 of the CLOUD token provides immediate benefits TODAY

50% cost reduction
on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure services

Double your money
Every $10 buy you $20 of professional cloud services

Cloud enables AWS and Azure services for developing countries

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Advisory Board

michael ngai
Ex Managing Director of UBS Investment Banking and Chairman of Red Group
jeff pulver
Internet Pioneer of VoIP, Investor and Entrepreneur
Adam Cheng
Partner, JunHe Law, Hong Kong
yaniv ben atia
Ex CTO, Microsoft Israel, CTO at WeEndeavor
jerry wertelecky
Ex Partner at E&Y, CEO of Cloud Transformation & Security Solution
Lou Kerner
Partner at Flight VC, Crypto Investor, Bitcoin Blogger, Ex Equity Analyst for Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch

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Understanding the CLOUD token
The Hong Kong Event
About Us

About the Company is an Ireland based company providing advanced cloud services with ~22,000 server deployments, existing global business and strong partnerships with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

no longer just for pros the new cloud for the "rest of us" -
the crowd cloud
Join us in building the
new internet

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